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Practicing Physicians | How We Help

As a physician you may face greater challenges than many investors, and you are now operating in an environment of great industry and financial changes.  Keeping up with the ever-changing regulations affecting your industry and practice may take up a significant amount of time, leaving you little time to assess changing tax laws and keeping up with rapidly shifting financial markets.

Particularly in times of economic uncertainty and changing regulations, we believe it is important to seek the guidance of a financial professional.  We want to emphasize that no approach is right for every physician and that successful financial outcomes need personalized guidance based on a clear understanding of you, your practice, your goals, your values, and many other aspects of your personal circumstances.

With that being said, we offer you our Entire Team with over 90 years of experience. The Best Customer Service in the industry. Personal access every day of the work week to all three of us Financial Advisors. Semi-Annual Account Updates. Along with an In Depth Annual Online/In Office Annual Review.


  • Taking control of your health.
  • Negotiating a better salary.
  • Protect and Improve your credit score.


  • Planning for Your Future Sabbatical
  • Kids’ College Planning
  • Life & Health Insurance Evaluation
  • How to Save Guidance
  • Long-Term Retirement Planning
  • Semi-Annual account updates
  • Online/In Office Annual Review Appointments
  • Personal Service every day of the week
  • The Best Customer Service in the Industry
  • Three financial advisors.  Not just one.

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