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Practicing Physicians

Are you aware that about 51% of physicians who are “ahead of schedule” in their financial planning say they feel very knowledgeable about their personal financial matters, such as retirement planning and investing? And 67% of those who are ahead and feel very knowledgeable use a financial planner to assist them. (1)

As a physician you have spent as many as 14 years in college and postgraduate training, including earning your bachelor and medical degrees and serving internships, residencies, and even possibly a fellowship. While medical school has prepared you to care for your patients, it typically hasn’t prepared you to run your practice or equip you with the tools you need for a lifetime of managing your families’ financial security.

We believe in the importance of now starting your financial life out on the right foot.  We know you are often underserved and overlooked by other financial advisors. We also understand you often find yourself under extreme time constraints and need reliable answers and quality recommendations from those with experience with physicians’ unique needs.

We are here to assist in creating the healthy financial habits that will benefit you near term as well as throughout your entire life.


(1) “2016 Report on US Physicians’ Financial Preparedness” AMA. 

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