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Client Centered

Protecting your 401(k) assets isn’t just a tool for when you’re switching jobs. It can also be a valuable tool that you cannot outlive, that creates a guaranteed lifetime stream of income, that may accomplish the goals you require as you head into retirement. No one strategy fits everyone, which is why every client gets our undivided attention.

Michael Malone,
FRG Vice President

Client Centered

Moving your 401(k) into a guaranteed income annuity account is an easy process, and we guide you through each step. Choosing to work with the Financial Retirement Group, and providing our team with the opportunity to monitor your old 401(k) savings and incorporate them with your overall retirement plan. Over the years, we've found that a team approach can be an effective method to help clients who have a wide variety of needs–and you are choosing a team of professionals with over 90 years of experience in the investment industry.

Ben DiSalle,
FRG Vice President

Client Centered

We realize it’s natural to be concerned about saving enough for retirement – but it’s important to have an income strategy, too, because just saving for retirement isn’t enough. You want your money to grow – and you want to protect it so it’s there when you need it most. And when it comes to your 401(k), we use an array of tools that offer a balance between protection and growth potential against today’s uncertain market environment. 

Bob Malone,
FRG Vice President